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We are a group of students who have pursued their academics in food science and technology. We have a brilliant team which is always trying to learn about the new era of food, novel innovations and technologies. We keep an eye in this field and get updated as well.
Through our, we share the contents that help the common people to realise the importance of food safety, health tips that may help to improve your body activities, guidelines for the people who wish to become food entrepreneur, the students who passionate about the jobs in food industries by giving a clear cut idea about the career in the food industry and about the diets for a health-conscious new generation.
Beyond all the Science, Food is a basic need and it's all about our life too. So we update ourselves each and every day to give you this valuable information that can apply to your daily life and we always try to give you the Quality contents. Our team is trying to simplify all the science and try to convey to all people who love food…...

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